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If you’ll be searching for a few Bernedoodle puppies for sale in Iowa, then you got the best guide. In this post, you can see through a complete rundown of Bernedoodle breeders in Iowa. Thus, you can look for all the Bernedoodle breeders near you.

You can also find three platforms as great choices if you can’t look for an available Bernedoodle puppy for sale near your area.

Good luck searching for a Bernedoodle pup!


  • 1 Bernedoodle Breeders Iowa Listings
  • 2 Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale in Iowa
    • 2.1 Country Lane Bernedoodles
    • 2.2 Poodles 2 Doodles
    • 2.3 Shelby Avenue Bernedoodles
    • 2.4 Bluff Country Bernedoodles
    • 2.5 Demmer Doodles® LLC. Official Site
    • 2.6 Spruce Lane Doodles
    • 2.7 Doodlesareourfamily
    • 2.8 Shelby Avenue Doodles
    • 2.9 B and G Doodles
    • 2.10 Kimberlee s Kennels
    • 2.11 Little Paws of Iowa
  • 3 Online Bernedoodle Breeders
    • 3.1 AKC MarketPlace
    • 3.2 Adopt a Pet
    • 3.3 Puppies For Sale Today
  • 4 What Is the Average Price of a Bernedoodle Puppy in Iowa?
  • 5 Tips When Bringing Home Bernedoodle Puppy
    • 5.1 Provide a crate or a bed for your Bernedoodle.
    • 5.2 Get a leash, collar, and tag for identification.
    • 5.3 Provide food and water bowls.
    • 5.4 Shop for chewable toys.
    • 5.5 Start puppy-proofing your entire home.
    • 5.6 Make a schedule for you and your puppy.
    • 5.7 Stay in touch with the breeder for advice and guides.
  • 6 Choosing a Good Bernedoodle Seller and Breeder
    • 6.1 Try to learn more about your chosen Bernedoodle breeder.
    • 6.2 Ask yourself about the breeder.
    • 6.3 Observe the Bernedoodles’ parents.
    • 6.4 Ask for your Bernedoodle’s medical history.
    • 6.5 Stay patient with your breeder.
  • 7 Other states
  • 8 Resources

Bernedoodle Breeders Iowa Listings

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Country Lane BernedoodlesIA 52649+1 319-931-2528https://countrylanebernedoodles.com/
Poodles 2 DoodlesIA 51003+1 712-395-3195http://www.poodles2doodles.com/contact/
Shelby Avenue BernedoodlesIA 50563No Phone Numberhttp://www.shelbyavenuebernedoodles.com/
Bluff Country BernedoodlesIA 52101+1 563-277-0301http://www.bluffcountrybernedoodles.com/
Demmer Doodles® LLC. Official SiteIA 52032+1 800-386-4524https://demmerdoodles.com/
Spruce Lane DoodlesIA 52101+1 563-419-4074http://sprucelanedoodles.com/
DoodlesareourfamilyIA 52170+1 319-560-0659http://www.doodlesareourfamily.com/
Shelby Avenue DoodlesIA 50563No Phone Numberhttp://www.mylabradoodles.com/
B and G DoodlesIA 51240+1 605-351-9350https://bandgdoodles.com/
Kimberlee s KennelsIA 52101+1 563-380-1136http://www.kimberleeskennels.com/
Little Paws of IowaIA 51247+1 712-476-9410http://littlepawsiowa.com/

Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale in Iowa

Country Lane Bernedoodles

Address – 1055 Pilot Grove Rd, Salem, IA 52649, United States

Phone – +1 319-931-2528


Poodles 2 Doodles

Address – 3881 480th St, Alton, IA 51003, United States

Phone – +1 712-395-3195


Shelby Avenue Bernedoodles

Address – Manson, IA 50563, United States

Phone – NA


Bluff Country Bernedoodles

Address – 2736 Walnut Creek Rd, Decorah, IA 52101, United States

Phone – +1 563-277-0301


Demmer Doodles® LLC. Official Site

Address – 21903 Simon Rd, Bernard, IA 52032, United States

Phone – +1 800-386-4524


Spruce Lane Doodles

Address – 1227 IA-9 East, Decorah, IA 52101, United States

Phone – +1 563-419-4074



Address – 645 Old Sixteen Rd, Waterville, IA 52170, United States

Phone – +1 319-560-0659


Shelby Avenue Doodles

Address – Main St, Manson, IA 50563, United States

Phone – NA


B and G Doodles

Address – 2468 Coolidge Ave, Inwood, IA 51240, United States

Phone – +1 605-351-9350


Kimberlee s Kennels

Address – 2182 Glenville Rd, Decorah, IA 52101, United States

Phone – +1 563-380-1136


Little Paws of Iowa

Address – 3270 Fir Ave, Rock Valley, IA 51247, United States

Phone – +1 712-476-9410


Online Bernedoodle Breeders

You may have several breeders nearby you can visit in Iowa. However, it won’t guarantee that you’ll have an available pup immediately. In short, you’ll likely wait for another set of pups, along with other buyers.

Besides the listings of Bernedoodle breeders earlier, I also included an additional list of online Bernedoodle breeders. The list has some of the websites that act as search platforms for all breeds.

The sites below are great alternatives if you can’t find an available Bernedoodle near you.

AKC MarketPlace

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is one of the most reliable websites for dogs, and they have an online MarketPlace. Thus, this website is the first one you should consider if you’re looking for a Bernedoodle pup. Besides MarketPlace, the website also has a handful of articles that can help you take care of your pet.

You can reach the site through this link:


Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet is another ideal website for you to visit. Here, you can also look for your Bernedoodle. The platform is popular with many as North America’s Largest Non-Profit Pet Adoption Website. One fantastic feature of this platform is its filter functions. In short, you can narrow down your search for a better option.

You can reach the site through this link:


Puppies For Sale Today

The third platform would be Puppies For Sale Today. Here, you can look for puppies of all dog breeds. Thus, you’ll likely find a handful of puppies here.

You can reach the site through this link:


What Is the Average Price of a Bernedoodle Puppy in Iowa?

A Bernedoodle’s average price from a breeder in Iowa is around $2500 to $5000. Puppies of this breed are pretty expensive than the others. Moreover, the maintenance of these pups is also higher.

Another thing that can affect the price is the size of the puppy. In general, larger dogs of this breed means higher maintenance costs.

Aside from the puppy’s price, it would be best if you also prepare for other expenditures. Among these things are food, shelter, and necessary items your pup needs.

Tips When Bringing Home Bernedoodle Puppy

Bernedoodle breeders likely wait for around 12 weeks before allowing the new parents to bring the puppies home. Such a time is for puppies to wean and stay with their parents for a while. Further, it gives you time to prepare your home.

If you have no idea where to begin your preparation, you may want to follow these essential tips before bringing home a Bernedoodle puppy.

Provide a crate or a bed for your Bernedoodle.

All of us enjoy a space of our own, and the same thing goes for Bernedoodle puppies. Like all other puppies, they also want a spot or a place to feel safe and secure. This place is their resting area, and so you should prepare one for your pet.

A simple crate or bed can make housebreaking a lot easier. It will also be the first place your pup needs to visit as it arrives in its new home. Thus, make sure it’s free from things that can cause stress, such as other pets or even other people.

Get a leash, collar, and tag for identification.

Your pup will need a leash when you take it out for a walk. It will also need a collar and a tag to ensure it has some information if it ever gets lost.

Provide food and water bowls.

It would be best if you get two separate bowls for food and water. Another thing I suggest is for you to buy metal bowls as it is the most ideal for puppies instead of plastic, ceramic, or glass. Metal bowls are lightweight and sturdy.

Shop for chewable toys.

All puppies would tend to chew on things as they grow their teeth. It’s their way of strengthening their teeth. If you don’t get chewable toys, chances are your pet would chew on your items such as floor mats, shoes, and rags.

In short, buying chewable toys would help both you and your pet in the long run. You can also buy something squeaky and interactive to make playtime a great mental exercise for your puppy.

Start puppy-proofing your entire home.

If you would allow your puppy to roam around the entire house, you need to make sure it’s safe, and that’s what you want to achieve when puppy-proofing your home. It means securing things that could potentially harm your pet. It includes items such as:

  • Personal medicines your pet may swallow
  • Electrical Cords your pet may touch
  • Poisonous substances such as cleaning tools
  • Sharp-edged corners

Another thing to secure is your items, such as your keys and other small items it can reach.

Make a schedule for you and your puppy.

A schedule is one of the things that helps dogs train and learn. For instance, they can learn when to eat, sleep, play, and even have their potty break if you train them to a specific schedule.

It would also give you a schedule to manage your time and continue with your other tasks as you take care of your pup.

Stay in touch with the breeder for advice and guides.

Breeders are likely to stay in touch with you, and so you can maximize it by asking for any recommendation or advice for your pet. This way, you can ensure your Bernedoodle pup gets the best help from the persons who care for its parents.

Choosing a Good Bernedoodle Seller and Breeder

When it comes to buying puppies, the breeder plays an essential role in the quality of the pup you’re getting. Thus, aside from understanding the breed you want, you also need to learn more about the puppy you’re getting.

For this reason, we added this section which includes some tips you can follow so you can choose a good and reputable Bernedoodle seller and breeder in Iowa. You can take these tips as guides to make sure you get your puppy only from the best option around you.

Try to learn more about your chosen Bernedoodle breeder.

The best way to pick a reputable Bernedoodle breeder is to be in touch and see the breeder yourself. Another thing is to call them and ask them to schedule an appointment where you can have time to ask questions.

If you want, you can ask the following questions to know basic things about the breeder:

  • When did the breeder start?
  • What are the steps the breeder takes to take care of the puppies?
  • Does the breeder maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the puppies’ environment?
  • Is the breeder passionate about taking care of the puppies?
  • Does the breeder feed the puppies well?
  • Do the puppies enjoy the company of the breeder, or are they scared?

As long as the breeder passes these questions, you can say it’s a safe sign to continue.

Ask yourself about the breeder.

Once you start conversing with the breeder, you can evaluate him or her on your mind so you can be sure. This way, you can witness for yourself if the person gives you the best for your puppy that you’ll get and for the money that you’ll give.

As always, take it as a rule of thumb that your chosen breeder will be the first person you need to rely upon if you ever need advice for your pet. Thus, you must know that he or she is reliable.

For instance, you can try asking these simple questions on your mind:

  • Is this breeder patient with answering my questions?
  • Does this breeder evaluate me if I’m an excellent fit to be the pup’s parent?
  • Does this breeder show any sign that he/she wants to help me?

When doing this thing, always remember that reputable breeders want the best for their pup. Thus, you must never forget that a breeder who doesn’t show love and care for its pup is a red flag.

Observe the Bernedoodles’ parents.

The parents of puppies would show the temperament of your pup when it grows old. Moreover, they can show if they have disabilities or health issues. Thus, you may find it helpful to meet the parents, so you have an idea about your pup when it grows old.

Ask for your Bernedoodle’s medical history.

Every reputable breeder would be more than happy to show you the pup’s medical history. If you don’t know what to ask, you can ask for OFA and CERF certificates.

Further, a reputable breeder won’t hide any health conditions that may affect your Bernedoodle. It’s because a good breeder will want the pup to live long and receive proper treatment. They won’t hide the condition to sell the puppy.

Stay patient with your breeder.

Dealing with a breeder isn’t something done with a one-time call or just a click of a button. You will have to meet in person, and you may do it several times, even after you take your pup home.

For this reason, you must remain patient and let the breeder guide you throughout the process. Take any advice he or she gives, as long as it’s for the welfare of the puppy.

One thing to note is to avoid the breeder if it’s rushing to send the puppy away. If your chosen breeder acts as such, stay away from him or her.

Other states

New York

North Carolina








Or you can check our overall page with a list of all coveredBernedoodle breeders.


Image credits – Canva

11 Bernedoodle Breeders in Iowa (IA) | Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale - AnimalFate (2024)


What is the most sought after Bernedoodle? ›

Tri-Color Bernedoodle – has the classic color and pattern of the Bernese Mountain Dog. It is the most desirable look for a Bernedoodle but also the hardest to produce. Sable-Color Bernedoodle – appear to have two-toned coats.

What is the price range for a Bernedoodle? ›

As covered, Bernedoodle prices can vary quite significantly, starting from as low as $500 for an adoption fee and reaching even $4,000/5,000 when buying from reputable breeders.

Why are Bernedoodle puppies so expensive? ›

Producing a litter of Bernedoodle puppies requires careful planning, expertise, and significant investment in time and resources. Responsible breeders undertake meticulous health screenings and genetic testing on parent dogs to ensure they are free from hereditary diseases and breed-related health issues.

What is the best Bernedoodle? ›

The most popular type of Bernedoodle is the F1 Bernedoodle. An F1 Bernedoodle is the first-generation breeding of a purebred poodle and a purebred Bernese mountain dog. F1 Bernedoodles tend to be the healthiest Bernedoodles, with an easy-to-predict adult size: generally an average of the two parents.

What is the rarest color Bernedoodle? ›

The rarest Bernedoodle colors are bi-color black and white, sable, phantom, merle patterns, solid black, and solid white.

What is the best color Bernedoodle? ›

The most popular color combination for Tri-Color Bernedoodles is black, white, and tan or brown. However, you can also find Bernedoodles in other colors like; black and white, sable, phantom, apricot, red, cream, parti or even solid black with limited white.

What are the cons of a Bernedoodle? ›

As a hybrid breed, Bernedoodles can inherit health problems from both parent breeds, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and certain eye conditions. Responsible breeders should perform health screenings on their dogs to minimize the risk of these issues.

What is the lifespan of a Bernedoodle? ›

12 to 18 years

Which doodle is the most expensive? ›

So yes, long story short, while puppies from reputable Goldendoodle breeders are the most expensive, ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 upwards, buying from such a breeder is the best decision.

Are unfurnished Bernedoodles cheaper? ›

Bernedoodle puppies without furnishings are generally priced lower than puppies with furnishings. Unfurnished puppies are discounted because they are not considered a standard coat type for the Bernedoodle breed.

What is a teddy bear Bernedoodle? ›

​A Teddy Bear Bernedoodle is a Bernedoodle whose parents are both Bernedoodles. They can also be referenced as “Multigens.” Our Teddy Bear Bernedoodles are all carefully selected from our program with health-tested and proven parentage.

Is a Bernedoodle better than a Goldendoodle? ›

Goldendoodles are more fun-loving and playful, while Bernedoodles have a reputation for being affectionate, gentle and sometimes goofy. If you like a dog with character and a lighthearted personality, the Bernedoodle may be a better option. Both pets are quite intelligent dogs.

Are male or female Bernedoodles better? ›

2: Is a male or a female Bernedoodles better? Answer: Both, males and females are equally good but there are some differences in their personalities that may or may not be compatible with you. Male dogs (any breed) can be more stubborn but very affectionate and entertaining.

Are male or female Bernedoodles calmer? ›

There is no inherent difference in temperament or suitability with children between male and female Bernedoodles. Both genders can be excellent with children when they are properly socialized and trained. The key is to select a pup with a temperament that suits your family dynamics.

Do Bernedoodles bark a lot? ›

Bernedoodles are generally quiet, moderate barkers and will only bark loudly when they need to. Your dog might get excited and bark quite a bit, or they may see something suspicious around your property and alert you to it. However, they won't bark constantly or yap at every little thing they see.

What type of Bernedoodle sheds the least? ›

The F1b Berendoodle is known for having the best non-shedding characteristics; particularly in comparison with an F1 Bernedoodle. This hybrid is up to 75% Poodle and therefore, has minimal shedding characteristics like its Poodle forebear. Teddy Bear Bernedoodles are another great option for less shedding.

Why are some Bernedoodles cheaper? ›

In addition to color, color intensity is considered when determining Bernedoodle's price. Puppies with lower color intensity are typically priced lower than puppies with rich, color-intense markings.

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