[50fps] 2000 German GP - IDIOT crosses the race track (2024)

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A disgruntled Mercedes-Benz employee who had just lost his job decided to protest by jumping over the fence and crossing the track during a LIVE Grand Prix. He wore a rain mac emblazoned with anti-Mercedes writing and he did a good job of ruining McLaren's race.


When you're looking at Rubens Barrichello back with Pedro de la, Rosa in the arrows, he's caught and passed the arrows once already this year, this race and he's gonna do so again to regain 4th places.

But remember in Austria de la, Rosa lost a certain points position as the result of the breakage of an oiled union witness customary pens.


We got a strange guy on this walking down the side of the racetrack in a raincoat on the grass.

And what on earth is he doing crossing the race track during the Grand Prix a bit too much beer there, oh, he's hit his head on something because he's not being sensible at all I don't.

Never seen this before have you ever seen it? Well, I've seen it I've seen a lunatic in Brazil, just as the race will start and finishing crushing a safety car.

So this will close the pack James, yeah, safety car and everybody's.

Reacting quickly, we're gonna have everybody making their pit stops in the next few minutes, ferrari reacting as well trolleys in now we're expecting who's going to come first McCloud.

This could be very painful for.

Whichever is the second of the two MacLaren's to make this stop and ferrari are reacting as well they're going to bring back Eloise and fuel into the end.

Amazing turnarounds, fantastic development.

This is that lunatic, whoever is he's changing the complexion of the race on lap, 26 out of 45 we're, not seeing what is happening to him.

But as if there he is, it he's got some sort of a mercedes-benz slogan on the back of his plastic neck.

This is going to cost somebody daily to McClaren's running line and stern.

One of them is going to have to queue in the pit lane it's.

A question of will they catch that safety cuss for a quarter mile racetrack will they actually catch the safety car before they come around to the end of the lap.

They Jordan made good use of the situation and hair comes hacking in what's going to happen.

Only one of them can be serviced at a time.

One pit garage per team.

One crew of 22 men hacking in comes in who thought surely will have to come in if he goes around he's going to catch the safety car and end up at the back of the queue, no Coulthard has to go around he's, just got a help and pray.

He doesn't catch that safety car before he gets round again.

He surely will well they've done what I would have expected.

They had to give preference to hacking and he's leading the race.

But the question now is are they gonna catch that lunatic? He was walking round, the course and get him off it all the sorts of things can and will happen as Mickey ekiden exits, the pit lane and we're on lap 27.

Now remember Jarno Trulli who was third has come in and made his pit stop.

He was at the time.

Some 30 seconds behind the McLaren's.

The safety car is there Coulthard is behind him.

Good that's gonna end up last in this race when they restart and there's parent callow in again, but kook dad has now got to do a slow lap.

Safety, come then come in for a stop.

So the queue will go the snake will go past and cook that will end up right on the back of the queue disaster for Cooper and berry callow is out before Fred Sunday is Hyde's.

Harold Barrichello.

Third on the track third in the race exits, the pit lane before heinz-harald Frentzen, yeah, they've made a desperate mistake by not allowing Coulthard to queue up and just simply wait to be serviced.

Now, he's got to come in for his stop and let and James.

What can he say? Well, I was just about to say, Marty.

Why didn't he come in to cure, but I really think that's, what Ron Dennis told the mechanics he was going to do I saw him come shooting off the pit wall and telling the tire guys get DC's tires, ready as well because he's coming in as off.

And then he went just on straight past, maybe as a communication error.

And maybe there was a little bit of everybody talking at the same time because was such chaos down here, but Coulthard has certainly paid the heavy price.

I said, the guy from the debut came in second was going to lose out, but I really been expected to be this much.

And where is mr.

half-wit now walking round the track, we don't see him.

But this is yet another indication of something that I keep on saying that Formula One and motor racing are not just about the best driver they're about the best driver allied to the best car ally to the best team and the best backup.

And here comes the safety car towards us with David Coulthard, who's, potentially last in the race.

And there there you can see another additional car.

And whoever it is he's going to be put into that car he's made his point, whatever it is and I hope.

He feels happy about it.

I just can't.

Imagine what he's going on in his mind.

But my goodness, he doesn't I'll change, the race for our safety car Coulthard will have to come in now or would he stay? Well.

He can't stay out.

I'm sure he's got more fuel than mechanics are ready for him.

But because going in this light, there's David, trying to get himself as much space as possible, yes, he is coming in so the safety car staying on track.

Now coupe dad's got a Sam mouse table, but he won't be allowed back out of the pit until after the snake have gone past probably and disaster for coal fire truely's up in the second place ahead of Reubens of bury kill Oh as the McLaren mechanics, do the best they possibly can for David Coulthard who has been truly cheated on his position.

Yeah, crucial mistake there by somebody not allowing Cooper to come in and cure and ma, may have been him, maybe the communication from maven a decision problem.

But look he's going to end up virtually at the back of the snake, having been in a strong.

Second place hackin and is at the front of the cube we saw him behind cooked up.

We thought before Coulthard had to pit and there it is now look.

So where is Coulthard in the race? Murray? Yeah, but look at this, you see all tied up behind the races in effect, restarting as you see Mick hacking and leading Jarno Trulli.

Second, Rubens, Barrichello.

Third, Dolorosa is four frets and is fifth and David Cole farther in sixth position.

It didn't work out quite as bad as I as I thought, but bad enough for Coulthard because he's now in the back and of the really the frontrunners of the afternoon, it's, a flip him, right back there.

And the lights are still on on the safety cup.

Strange message here on the computer look Maria seen on track, but dingdong are we gonna see a race now lap 28? And you can see how close they are and remember, Rubens, Barrichello, who's come up from 18th he's made his pit stop he's.

Gonna have to make another one and that's.

The crumpled mess.

There was Michael.

Schumacher's car went the race started.

[50fps] 2000 German GP - IDIOT crosses the race track (2024)
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