Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (2024)

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (1)


Rating: 4 stars


Have made this many times, and it's always good. You can add red bell peppers, mushrooms, or bok choi--or just make it as is. I always use just 2 cups of chicken broth (which would be 4 cups if I were making the entire recipe, but I usually make 1/2 the recipe for the two of us. That way, it's a one-dish meal. My husband always eats two servings, and I'm pretty happy with one. And I use the full amount of seasoning for half the recipe.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (2)


Rating: 4 stars


The soup was good, but only with the tweaks I picked up from prior reviews did it really shine. I doubled the spices including the curry paste. I added an EXTRA tablespoon of curry powder. I used up some Thanksgiving left overs by adding a riced baked sweet potato as well as some sliced mushrooms. I did not precook the spinach and peas, but threw them in after the chicken. I topped the soup at the table with the lime wedges and a dollop of sour cream (I think plain yogurt would be even better). After the tweaks it was delicious and I am so glad I have left overs for lunch today and then again for another meal for my hubby and I. Yummmm.....

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (3)


Rating: 2 stars


Very bland

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (4)


Rating: 5 stars


Excellent , Delicous ,Flavorful ! New favorite Chicken Soup !!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (5)


Rating: 5 stars


Excellent recipe. Has only been a week since we had it and I am making it again.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (6)


Rating: 3 stars


This was just ok. The family wasn't that thrilled and DH and I typically love Thai-inspired foods. Probably won't make again because I'm not sure what I'd do differently to make it better.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (7)


Rating: 5 stars


OH MAN this soup is delicious!! I used the Flu Fighting stock I made from Everyday Maven's recipe, and only one tablespoon of sugar. I also added mushrooms to bulk it up a bit. This recipe is a keeper!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (8)


Rating: 5 stars


This is such an excellent, flavorful and easy recipe. I will definitely cook this again. I followed the directions but did find some of the cooking times were understated. I went a bit extra on the spices for my taste. Overall, delicious!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (9)


Rating: 5 stars


I loved this recipe. Even with the spice my 9 YO gave it 2 thumbs up. I did deviate from the recipe slightly. I used the bulb of the green onions because I didn't have shallots. For the same reason, sugar snap peas instead of snow peas. I used regular coconut milk instead of light because i wasn't paying enough attention when I went to the grocery. I will add some matchstick carrots in my next batch. I believe this may be the next winner of my office's annual soup/chili challenge.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (10)


Rating: 5 stars


Outstanding soup! Forget first step and simplify prep time by tossing noodles in with chicken, onions, etc., then add spinach & snow peas for last 30 seconds. I also added edamame. Yum, yum, yum!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (11)


Rating: 4 stars


I will make this again, for sure! My family loved it. I used all the ingredients per the recipe, plus added one sliced red bell pepper and 2 shredded carrots. Next time I will do the same except I will increase the spices as I do with almost every CL recipe I make. This definitely is not spicy as written...and for anyone who doesn't particularly care for fish sauce, you can't skip it - it really deepens the flavor here and won't make this taste fishy. The lime is essential too! Oh, I also modified the first step (steamed the snow peas in microwave, and did nothing to the spinach except add the hot snow peas and noodles to it. It wilted the rest of the way down after I poured the soup mixture over). I would be happy to serve this to guests; tonight I actually used my pasta bowls and used a 1/2C measuring cup to place a formed portion of white rice in the center and ladled the soup around it. Garnished with sprig of cilantro and the lime wedge. It looked pretty fancy if I do say! :)

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (12)


Rating: 5 stars


This was wonderful!!! Followed the recipe to the tee except that I had to dial back the curry paste because of my girls, but the adults spiked it up with sriracha. The flavor was fantastic and the coconut flavor was not too overpowering. Everyone loved it including the girls (ages 5 and 6). Will be making this again very soon!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (13)


Rating: 4 stars


This was really good. I took other people's advice and used the regular coconut milk. I used sugar snap peas and parboiled them in the water for the noodles. I used egg noodles, because my store didn't have the others. I also added the spinach in towards the end of cooking. That made more sense to me. I used sriacha hot sauce in place of the chilies. Yum!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (14)


Rating: 4 stars


Had to add salt and I would go with the full fat cocoanut milk next time.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (15)


Rating: 5 stars


Wonderful! Followed the recipe completely except for using full fat coconut milk and sriachi sauce in place of the peppers. I look forward to makng it again and trying some other veggie combos. The flavor had depth and were balanced. We only had one serving leftover and my teenager quickly put dibs on it for her lunch the next day.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (16)


Rating: 5 stars


This is the best thai soup I've ever tasted. Healthy and easy. Only trouble I had was that my noodles got soggy while they were sitting. I had rinsed them with water to stop the cooking so I suspect the heat from the blanched vegetables was the problem. I will either reduce the cooking time on the noodles next time (the box said to cook only for a minute, but they still seemed too firm at that point), or store them in a bowl separately from the steamed vegetables while I'm cooking the rest of the soup.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (17)


Rating: 5 stars


This is just as good as my favorite restaurant soup! I added a little peanut butter and substituted Sriracha for the red chili. It turned out delicious! Will be making it all winter long.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (18)


Rating: 5 stars


I love this soup but did make it a little differently. I skipped step 1 entirely. I chose to stir fry my pepper strips, sliced baby bella mushrooms, carrot sticks and snow peas. I made a lot of veggies because I like to put a lot in the soup and make it a very hearty, filling soup. I also used a little less sugar...slightly less than 1 1/2 tbsp. When ready to eat, I put a bunch of fresh spinach in the bowl, poured the hot broth on top to wilt. Then added the veggies and precooked noodles. The lime is a must as it does mellow the taste from the fish sauce. I also add chili oil to make it a little spicier. I sometimes substitute quinoa for the noodles. I realize this isn't an Asian ingredient but does provide me with a little extra protein and goes well in the soup.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (19)


Rating: 4 stars


Loved this soup. Substituted the rice noodles for shirataki noodles to drastically cut the calories. Also used bok choi instead of spinach and bean sprouts instead of pea pods (less sugar). Will make it again and try it with fish instead of chicken.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (20)


Rating: 4 stars


Very nice! Great blend of flavors and filling given that one serving is 2cups! And low on WW Pts (5 PP) using light coconut milk. Might add a little more broth next time. Only made 5.5 servings.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (21)


Rating: 5 stars


Great Thai style soup, another keeper for my cold weather repertoire. As a vegetable lover I added 1/4 pound sliced sh*take mushrooms and an additional cup of baby spinach. Next time I will increase the chicken for my husband. Also, we are not fans of the pad Thai noodles and substituted whole wheat angel hair.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (22)


Rating: 5 stars


So good!! I used Sriracha in place of the hot peppers and it turned out delicious. Will make over and over again, never a disappointment!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (23)


Rating: 4 stars


Great comforting flavor and perfect to curl up onto the couch with. Good balance of spicy and sweet

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (24)


Rating: 4 stars


Loved it! I will make it again?

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (25)


Great recipe. A creamy, spicy soup. Adding the fresh lime juice and hot sauce upon serving really added to the delicious flavor this. Both my husband and myself loved this.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (26)


Rating: 1 stars


I am astonished that this recipe showed up under "quick and easy" recipes. This recipe was anything but that. It was extremely complicated, required a lot of extra ingredients that most don't typically have on hand, and the flavor was bland and one dimensional. In fact it was quite a bit watery. I love curry, especially coconut curry. I could have Thai iced tea accompanied with a bowl of coconut curry for every meal, but this recipe was not up to par. It has been near a year since I attempted it, and I have never made a second attempt that is how horrible the experience was.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (27)


Rating: 1 stars


I saw all the great reviews and tried this soup. I followed the recipe to the letter and bought all the additional ingredients that I usually don’t have. I was so disappointed! I couldn’t taste anything but curry. I do like the flavor of curry, but it was too overwhelming. Would not make again. I feel guilty leaving this review, but it is my experience with this soup. :-(

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (28)


Rating: 4 stars


Made this soup with no substitutions and it was great! We don't like very hot dishes and this was perfect. Can't wait to have leftovers. 4 stars is an excellent review for me so don't read anything into not rating this recipe higher.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (29)


Rating: 5 stars


Left out peppers because we don't like a lot of spice and cut down sugar to 1 tablespoon after reading other comments, but otherwise kept recipe the same. We loved this. Got my hubby's highest rating.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (30)


Rating: 5 stars


Followed the recipe exactly. Used crushed pepper vs. the red chilies. Excellent. The flavors weren't super strong, so don't expect blow-you-out-of-the-water spice or flavor, if you like strong flavors like we do, but this was our 1st CL hit in a long time in terms of a weeknight meal. Fresh & light. ETA: this review was based on the 1st night. Leftovers the 2nd night were significantly more flavorful. We loved it before, but the leftovers were even better with a lot more kick.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (31)


Rating: 5 stars


This was so delicious. I followed the recipe exactly. The whole family loved it!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (32)


Rating: 5 stars


This soup is fantastic. My husband picked out the recipe and made it and said it was easy to make. He made it exactly according to the instructions and it was delicious - unique flavors and a nice level of spice - hot but not too hot. We will definitely make it again and would not hesitate to serve to guests or for a special occasion.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (33)


Rating: 5 stars


This was truly delicious! I did have to make some minor modifications but it still turned out well. I didn't have any red curry paste so I just omitted it from the dish. I didn't have the type of noodles called for in the recipe so I used what I had on hand, which was spaghetti. I made this in my dutch oven so that my chicken, which was a quarter leg, could simmer in the pot for a while with the soup. This recipe is a keeper!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (34)

Cindy Bee

Rating: 4 stars


I made this last night, it was wonderful comfort food. I call this a Thai/Indian chicken noodle soup! I didn't have any shallots on hand and used regular onions instead. I also used less fish sauce, it has a really strong flavor and felt that 2 tablespoons was just too much. I will make it again using regular coconut milk. I know this is a cooking light magazine trying to lighten up the fat calories, however the soup is calling out for more coconut! Great recipe, I look forward to making this in the cold weather season.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (35)


Rating: 5 stars


Really great soup. Tone down the chile paste if you don't like really hot food. Wouldn't change a thing otherwise.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (36)


Rating: 5 stars


SO GOOD. Amazing flavor. Put it this way, it makes a TON and my boyfriend and I polished off the whole batch in one week. I typically use a rotisserie chicken for things like this but got to the store too late so I poached some thin sliced chicken breasts in chicken broth instead. I added some shredded carrots as I had them on-hand and upped the red curry paste just a tad since I love spice. Such a great balance of sweet and spicy. Definitely will make again.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (37)


Rating: 5 stars


This recipe most definitely lives up to the dozens of 5 star reviews - it is incredible! My husband who has always claimed to not like curry said he would rate this dish a 10 out of 10. The broth has an amazing flavor. The only change I made was to substitute minced red onion for the shallots.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (38)


Rating: 5 stars


This was absolutely amazing. My finance and I agreed that we would order it at a restaurant. There are a lot of "moving parts" so it's a little labor intensive to pull together but it happens quickly. This is a new favorite of ours and we plan to serve it to our friends.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (39)


Rating: 5 stars


I made this tonight and I can see why it got 5 stars! I didn't change a thing and it was OUTSTANDING. Super easy to put together too. My fiance loved it too. Next time I think I'd add more curry past to make it spicier.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (40)


Rating: 5 stars


This recipe is great. I have tried making a similar soup a few times, but it has never come out just right. I used different noodles, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (41)


Rating: 5 stars


Loved this. Save yourself some time and cook the noodles in the pot after you add the chicken broth & coconut milk. Toss in the spinach and snow peas during the last 30 seconds.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (42)


Rating: 5 stars


Really just amazing recipe - such a great blend of spices. I poached my chicken in some of the chicken broth, then just aded the chicken broth to the soup. The only thing I would note is when you set the rice noodles aside, they seem to get a little stuck together, so I would recommend keeping them in a little water, or making sure to separate them before you add them back to the soup (this is what I did). Otherwise REALLY REALLY good recipe - and very filling for only 315 calories!!!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (43)


Rating: 5 stars


Oh my goodness was this recipe GOOD! Normally, my husband isn't crazy about soup, but with this meal, he was licking the bowl..that is how good it is!! The only change that I made was using kale instead of spinach. I couldn't find fresh spinach, so I used what I already had. I also had green chili paste and used that instead of the red chili paste. Definitely make this if you are looking for something totally different to make for your family.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (44)


Rating: 5 stars


Five stars says it all! The only change that I made was using "no noodle" low carb noodles for me and regular pad Thai noodles for the guys...delicious!!!!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (45)


Rating: 5 stars


Love this recipe. Would also be good with shrimp instead of chicken. Great flavors. I take this to work sometimes as leftovers and have had multiple folks ask for the recipe just based on the smell.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (46)


Rating: 5 stars


This soup was so good! My husband even took leftovers to work the next day and said it was even better day too :) yum!!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (47)


Rating: 5 stars


This is a delicious soup and has quickly become one of my favorites! The only thing I do differently is I add yellow curry or red curry to the soup while its simmering, it adds a nice kick to it. Its a little time consuming but definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to try something different from just plain old chicken noodle soup.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (48)


Rating: 5 stars


Very good soup; the family loved it, but oh, so many ingredients!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (49)


Rating: 5 stars


Wonderful recipe. I wouldn't change a thing!

Rating: 5 stars


Great spicy soup! My husband requests it every time he gets sick.....always makes him feel better!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (51)


Rating: 5 stars


This recipe was a hit tonight. My entire family loved it! My youngest, ate the meal without a fuss or bride, whereas my husband and eldest couldn't help themselves to seconds and thirds. They all agreed, this recipe is a keeper.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (52)


Rating: 4 stars


Was a little more subtle in flavor than I'd like, but had quite a kick to it (I used thai green chiles). Think a little extra fish sauce and lime juice may help to add more depth to it. Definitely good for a little something different for dinner, though.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (53)


Rating: 5 stars


I substitute tofu for the chicken. Quick & easy, full of flavor, love it!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (54)


Rating: 5 stars


Wow! This soup is truly outstanding. As my husband said, it is definitely a soup for company. I made several modifications due to preference and availability of ingredients: I grilled 2 chicken breasts instead of using rotisserie and omitted the green onions because I forgot to buy them and the cilantro because I don't like it. I also used half of the fish sauce because I don't really care for it either. Next time around I will do everything as directed except for the cilantro. Great, great soup!!!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (55)


Rating: 5 stars


Absolutely awesome soup--wonderful blend of flavors!! Made it on a below zero night and it hit the spot and warmed us up, temperature and spice wise. Made recipe with no substitutions or additions, a real hit!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (56)


Rating: 4 stars


Loved the flavors and the recipe! Definitely one of my favorites. The soup is just a bit thicker, you could almost eat it as a curry dish.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (57)

Melissa R.

Rating: 5 stars


This is one of my star soups that I make. Always a hit. The flavor is outstanding.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (58)


Rating: 5 stars


This was an outstanding recipe. It does require some ingredients you might not have in your pantry such as the curry paste and/or fish sauce, but it's well worth the expense to purchase those since you DEFINITELY will want to make this again! I subbed out boneless/skinless chicken thighs for the pre-cooked chicken and sauteed it in the fist step, and it came out great! Also I used sriacha sauce instead of the red pepper or chiles to add some more heat and it was perfect. I even bumped up some of the other spices and doubled the garlic, but I like things to be bangin' with flavor. Also added a ton of carrots I had lying around and 2 green bell peppers as others suggested. Couldn't find pad thai noodles so I used some Japanese soba noodles instead. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (59)


Rating: 5 stars


Delicious and easy. Used drained frozen spinach and a bit more broth. Came together quick enough and everyone loved it. Don't forget the limes! They add a whole new level of flavor.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (60)


Rating: 5 stars


This soup was really good and satisfied my craving for curry soup. The Pho bar where I normally buy green curry soup has been closed for remodel this year and I have been dying for some! This soup did the trick. I substituted green curry paste for red and did not add curry powder as I didnt have any, added bean sprouts and used Pad Thai (thin) rice noodles instead of wide ones, used veggie broth instead of chicken, and tofu instead of chicken. Delicious! Easy recipe to modify and make your own.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (61)


Rating: 5 stars


this is great! i added a lot more veggies- i used the pea pods called for, double the spinach, 1 and a half cups chopped button mushrooms, one small red bell pepper and one small yellow bell pepper (could have used a lot more though) and one carrot (next time i will use three carrots). i briefly boiled all of the veggies but next time i will do what others suggested and just add them in at the end after cooking the noodles for two minutes. the flavors are great. i would also add two or three more cups of broth next time. love this recipe!!!!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (62)


Rating: 5 stars


Truly AMAZING!!! This will be a permanent meal in my house...not hard and OH so yummy!! I left out the red pepper/red pepper flakes at the end and it had just the right amount of kick to it....make it! You'll love it!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (63)


Rating: 5 stars


It was SO good! Tasted just like thai restaurant. It would be just as good w/ tofu instead of chicken and you could leave out the noodles and add more veggies too, like red or green peppers. I will definitely make again!!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (64)


Rating: 4 stars


Great taste! I would add a little more chicken or noodles because the broth seemed to overwhelm the rest of the ingredients. Will make again!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (65)


Rating: 3 stars


Made this tonight and my husband and I both liked it. It is a healthier way to get your Thai fix than regular curry. I wouldn't, however, say it was outstanding. It was just a yummy soup...and one that was a little tricky to eat in my opinion.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (66)


Rating: 5 stars


This is one of the best recipes I have ever made from Cooking Light..and I've made so many over the years. My husband and family could not stop raving; such rich flavor and yet easy to make. I did substitute 1 lb. shrimp for the chicken and used a big splash of lime juice instead of the wedges. Will be come a regular addition to my meal planning.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (67)


Rating: 5 stars


This is better than restaurant quality! Complex flavors that work together so well. Will def make this again!!!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (68)


Rating: 5 stars


DELICIOUS. I didn't shred the chicken, just sauted it in cooking spray in bite-size chunks. Added a little extra curry paste, added an extra garlic clove, used the red pepper flakes instead of chilis (less spicy), and added a couple tablespoons of low-sodium soy sauce at the end to make it a little saltier. I would have liked more veggies, maybe some chopped carrots or broccoli. Served it with toasted French bread slices.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (69)


Rating: 5 stars


Absolutely amazing! AND freezes well.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (70)


Rating: 5 stars


VERY good, but too spicy for us! Next time I will reduce the chilis. I also only used 1 tbs fish sauce and 1/2 can of coconut milk to further reduce the calories and didn't miss it at all. Will also add more spinach and snow peas. Quick and delicious!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (71)


Rating: 5 stars


I love this recipe...I've made it at least 5 times. Substitute shrimp for the chicken and it's even better!!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (72)


Rating: 5 stars


This was amazing! The flavor was so great! I used a little extra borth (2 cans) so it had a little more liquid to it. I also left out the chili peppers bacause I though tthe curry paste gave it enough heat. This was really yummy! 5 stars!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (73)


Rating: 5 stars


I added more curry paste for a spicier flavor and tripled the garlic. Also used no-chicken broth and a combination of Morningstar chicken strips and tofu for a vegetarian soup. Excellent!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (74)


Rating: 5 stars


Wonderful soup!! Added the spinach, snow peas at the same time as the coconut milk, added sliced white mushrooms, too. Used 3 t curry paste since we like it spicy. Next time will add a handful of shrimp at the end. Can't wait to make it again.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (75)


Rating: 5 stars


delicious!! I used only one chile, but everything else was precise, and this was just incredibly delicious! My husband loved it, too!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (76)


Rating: 3 stars


THE SERVING SIZE ON THIS RECIPE IS A MISPRINT...THERE WERE 9 CUPS OF SOUP TOTAL -- NOT 14 AS THE RECIPE INDICATES. With all the rave reviews, I really thought this was going to be off the charts awesome, but it was just average. I love Thai food and all the ingredients that were in this dish, but there are plenty of other Thai recipes out there that far exceed this one. Taste for yourself though, because there are obviously a lot of people that disagree with me!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (77)


Rating: 5 stars


This was a great recipe and very tasty. I only put one tsp of the red curry paste because I don't like things too spicy and it was the perfect amount of spice. My husband and I thought it needed a little crunch so I topped the soup with a tablespoon of salted crushed peanuts which was a perfect addition!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (78)


Rating: 5 stars


I have made this twice now. It is very flavorful and rich despite being lowfat! It's become a favorite at my house. I have made it with both chicken and tofu.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (79)


Rating: 5 stars


My family LOVED this soup, my husband and I fought over who would get to take the last container of it to work for lunch. I used cauliflower and carrots as I couldn't get spinach when I wanted to make it, and I think I used a little less chicken that it called for. I would def. serve this to company, give to a sick friend, and make again. I'd love to know how it freezes and may experiment with that next time I make it. Fantastic!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (80)


Rating: 5 stars


This was a quick, easy soup that we made on a weeknight. It had a wonderful aroma and delicious flavor. Its now one of my favorite soup recipes.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (81)


Rating: 5 stars


This soup was SO yummy and very easy. Very filling and good sized portion for limited calories. The sweetness of the coconut milk offset by the spiciness of the curry was amazing.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (82)


Rating: 5 stars


Fantastic soup - filling and healthful. I added chopped zucchini and sliced mushrooms. They were great additions. Ate leftovers the next day cold - would be an ideal way to serve for summertime! Will make this over and over.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (83)


Rating: 5 stars


This made a great, somewhat quick dinner (partly because we cooked the chicken yesterday), and the flavor is amazing. Hot, sweet, savory. YUM.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (84)


Rating: 5 stars


I have made this at least 7 times already! This is a wonderful tasty recipe. I added lemongrass for a nice Thai feel and just to change it up I made it with shrimp and vegetable broth. It is a winner no matter what. My husband and I have to limit it to twice a week.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (85)


Rating: 5 stars


Great flavors and quick to prepare. Just as good reheated as first meal. Low in fat, but very satisfying. It was my first time using commercial red curry paste - it won't be my last!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (86)


Rating: 5 stars


This was GREAT! I made the recipe as written, but used a rotissery chicken. I made it with the optional 1/4 tsp of crushed red pepper instead of the fresh (I have a tendancy to accidentally buy peppers that are too hot) and it was spicy but not too. The lime at the end was key - after squeezing it in, throw the rind in the bowl, it will add extra flavor. YUM!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (87)


Rating: 3 stars


This was tasty and had that great combo of thai flavors. Instead of blanching the spinach and snow peas, however, I just threw them in with the coconut milk. CL recipes insert steps where they aren't needed sometimes!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (88)


Rating: 5 stars


I made this without the red pepper and it had a great spicy Thai flavor. It is a wonderful soup that is definitely going into our dinner rotation. To streamline the recipe a bit, I did not precook the rice noodles, spinach or snow peas before hand. I soaked the rice noodles in hot water and just added everything into the pot before the last 2 minute simmer. Super good recipe!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (89)


Rating: 5 stars


My whole family really enjoyed this recipe - it's a "keeper!"

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (90)


Rating: 5 stars


I made this soup exactly as directed with no changes. It was amazing! My family loved it. I prepared all ingredients before and had everything ready before starting soup. It was very easy and quick to prepare. I would not change a thing and can't wait to make it again.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (91)


Rating: 5 stars


This is an amazing soup! Passing this one on to family and friends!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (92)


Rating: 5 stars


This was an Excellent Soup! My husband and I are huge fans and my 11 yr old son at the whole bowl veggies and all! The market only had Sugar Snap Peas which I used in place of the snow peas and they added great taste and fresh texture. I also used cooked rotisserie chicken from the market to save time since I didn't have leftover chicken on hand. Other than that no changes to the recipe as written and this one is a new family favorite!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (93)


Rating: 5 stars


We had a fight over who would get the last bowl. I followed the recipe exactly. I've made it twice now and would gladly make it again.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (94)


Rating: 5 stars


My new favorite soup. I recommend using half the amount of snow peas and not pre-cooking them, to retain texture. Have all dry ingredients pre-measured and all vegetables pre-chopped and measured to make the cooking process flow quickly.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (95)


Rating: 5 stars


This was delicious! The ingredients really work well together. I substituted carrots for the snow peas, and I would probably add the carrots to the snow peas the next time I make this - probably next week! Has already become a family favorite!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (96)


Rating: 5 stars


This soup is incredible. We did not change a thing when we made this soup, and we will make it again and again.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (97)


Rating: 5 stars


This was amazing! I made it without the chiles because I have a low spice tolerance, and it was just right (and still flavorful). The whole family loved it; will make again.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (98)


Rating: 5 stars


My husband and I loved this soup!

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (99)


Rating: 5 stars


Excellent! ...especially if you like Thai. I'll definately make again- good for lunch or a first course. This would even be good over rice. I only had full-salt chicken broth, so I used 5 cups & 1 cup water.

Coconut-Curry Chicken Soup Recipe (2024)
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