Escape From Tarkov “Vitamins – Part 1” Quest Guide – Future Game Releases (2024)

Vitamins – Part 1 is a quest in Escape From Tarkov given by Skier. The quest leads to Vitamins – Part 2.

Escape From Tarkov Vitamins – Part 1 Quest Details

Vitamins – Part 1 Quest Dialogue

Ah, it’s you… Long time no see. I thought maybe you got whacked, but, as it turns out, you’re a bit of a diehard. Whatever, you’re alive and that’s good, so listen here. People say there’s a new product on the market, some stuff in fancy chemical containers, like your gun silencer, but a bit larger. What’s inside them, whether it’s new drugs or just some vitamin B, no f****** idea whatsoever. And that’s what we need to find out, I bet that the blue-barrel s*** from Polikhim is somehow connected to this, but I don’t know for a fact. These containers were seen at the resort, and one pal of mine claims to have seen them with EMERCOM people at the Interchange, but he was in delirium at that time, so maybe it’s just his imagination… To cut the long story short, find me a few of those containers, I have a couple of eggheads who might figure out what the f*** is inside.


  • Obtain the first Chemical container on Shoreline
  • Hand over the first container
  • Obtain the second Chemical container on Interchange
  • Hand over the second container
  • Obtain the third Chemical container on Interchange
  • Hand over the third container


  • 13000 XP
  • +0.05 reputation with Skier
  • 46,540 Roubles
  • 3x Holosun HS401G5 sight
  • 2x Trijicon SRS-02 reflex sight
  • -0.01 reputation with Jaeger

Reward Dialogue

Oh, so you actually brought some? Splendid! Hands still intact after touching all these chems? I’ll get the eggheads working then, let them tinker with the stuff.


This quest asks us to head to two different maps. Those are Shoreline and Interchange. On Shoreline, there’s only one Chemical Container, while on Interchange there are two.

Required Items

You need two different keys to complete this quest successfully:

  • Emercom medical unit key
    • A key to the Emercom Medical care unit at the ULTRA shopping mall.
  • Health Resort west wing office room 112 key
    • A key to the Azure Coast sanatorium west wing office room 112.

Now that we clarified that, let’s see where exactly you need to go to get these documents.

Vitamins – Part 1 Chemicals on Interchange

Below you can find the map of Interchange, with both Emercom and Mantis highlighted. That’s exactly where you need to go and pick up the two Chemical Containers. One of them is in Emercom (Locked), and the other one is in Mantis. They are close to each other.

Interchange Chemical Containers Close up Images

Vitamins – Part 1 Chemical Container on Shoreline

The quest item is located in Room 112 in the West Wing of the Resort. That is on the first floor.

So if you enter from the hole in the wall, just continue straight and you will see the room on your left side.

Shoreline Chemical Container Close up Images


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Escape From Tarkov “Vitamins – Part 1” Quest Guide – Future Game Releases (11)

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      Escape From Tarkov “Vitamins – Part 1” Quest Guide – Future Game Releases (2024)


      How many quests does Prapor have? ›

      With a total of 32 quests, Prapor offers plenty of opportunities to earn rewards and progress through the game.

      What are vitamins used for in Tarkov? ›

      A demanded item in conditions of reduced immunity.

      How many respirators are needed for the Tarkov Quest? ›

      Related Quest Items
      Item nameAmount
      Medical bloodset3

      What level is Prapor 4? ›

      Loyalty Level Requirements
      Loyalty LvlRequired LvlRequired Sales in ₽
      Lvl 215750,000
      Lvl 3261,500,000
      Lvl 4362,300,000

      What quest unlocks BP from Prapor? ›

      #EscapeFromTarkov **7.62x39mm BP Unlock** After completing The Punisher - Part 6, you get the task Intimidator. Upon completion of this task, you unlock the purchase of 7.62x39mm BP from Prapor LL 4.

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