Lord of Mysteries: My Identities Echoes Across Time Chapter 110 - Chapter 111: Trouble Comes Unexpectedly (2024)

"It is indeed possible," Klein agreed, nodding his head. He suddenly had a complicated expression as he thought of something.

If Lynn is really Mr. Door's child, how would he perceive his father being banished and his family's decline?

Would he feel any sorrow or regret?

"Don't look at me like that. Theoretically, I should feel sad, but I've recovered so few memories that I can hardly relate to my past self," Lynn abruptly said, causing Klein to pause and almost instinctively wonder if he had accidentally spoken his thoughts aloud.

"Of course, your eyes are clear enough to tell me what you're thinking," Lynn replied, placing his coffee down and showing a hesitant expression before saying, "Moreover…"

"Although everyone says Mr. Door is my father, and I haven't recovered those memories, something feels off."

Lynn was obviously preparing for the future when his Libert Abraham alias would be exposed, allowing him to assume the identity of the Angel of Secrets.

What does this mean? Could there be some hidden truth that Lynn isn't Mr. Door's child? Klein was instantly intrigued, but Lynn clearly didn't intend to delve further into the topic. Instead, he stood up and said:

"Let's not dwell on things we can't figure out. Let's handle the immediate tasks first. Memories will come back when they're meant to."

Detective, in a way, you are really… Klein couldn't help but chuckle. However, as Lynn mentioned, they couldn't find any clues about Lynn's past for now. It was better to focus on their current tasks.

Thus, the two detectives equipped themselves again and resumed their school visits to interview the teachers Lynn had already scheduled. This time, however, the process went smoothly without any hiccups.

"What's going on? Did Klein's trouble-magnet trait stop working? Or can it only activate once in a short period?" Walking home, Lynn ate his ice cream and glanced at Klein, silently wondering.

"What's up? Is there something wrong?" Feeling Lynn's gaze, Klein, also eating ice cream, turned his head and asked in confusion.

"Nothing..." Lynn shook his head but suddenly sensed something, stopping in his tracks and looking in a specific direction. The next second, Lynn frowned and said, "Now there is. There's something… a demonic aura."

Others might not sense it, but Lynn's perception was stronger than many angels, and he clearly felt the presence of the Abyss pathway's aura in that direction.

Just moments ago, Lynn doubted Klein's trouble-magnet trait. Now he was rethinking.

How could I doubt Klein's trouble-magnet trait? Here comes the trouble again!

Demon? Does he mean a Beyonder of the Criminal pathway?

Unlike Lynn, Klein was instantly alarmed. Out of instinct as a Nighthawk, he quickly asked, "Can you pinpoint the location?"

If it were Beyonders of other pathways, it wouldn't matter as much, but those from the Criminal pathway were invariably corrupt and murderous. Every official Beyonder would eliminate them without hesitation.

"Roughly, yes. Should we go? It might be dangerous," Lynn tilted his head and asked Klein.

"... Let's go," Klein hesitated for less than half a second before nodding firmly.

If it were other wild Beyonders, it wouldn't be an issue, but Criminal pathway Beyonders were deadly. As a Nighthawk, he had to investigate, even if it meant danger.

'And with "Creeping Hunger," I might still stand a chance…' Klein thought, watching as Lynn grabbed his arm and took out a small scroll, murmuring something. The scroll exploded, covering them in pale light.

Psychological Invisibility… Having ordered a batch of these scrolls before, Klein recognized Lynn's tactic immediately.


Now they could observe and strike at the right moment!

Klein felt more confident, preparing to use Creeping Hunger. Lynn led them through an alley, and soon, they heard a woman's scream. They came upon a scene where,

In an empty street, a woman in a bright dress sat helplessly on the ground, terrified and screaming.

Opposite her was a large black dog with sharp, white teeth and red-stained fangs, growling menacingly. Its eyes were cold and cruel, with a hint of mockery.

Clearly, the dog could kill the woman instantly but chose to prolong her despair.

Klein exchanged a glance with Lynn. No words were needed; they separated and took their positions. Lynn readied his scrolls while Klein raised Creeping Hunger. His left hand glowed brightly, turning golden.

Klein leaned back, arms spread wide as if to Praise the Sun.

A beam of pure, scorching light descended from above.

This was a "Sun" pathway Sequence 5 ability, effective against demons.

But in the next moment, Klein's pupils contracted. The giant black dog sensed the attack and dodged.

Not only that, but it also grew rapidly, becoming a two-to-three-meter-tall monster. A pair of large bat wings unfolded from its back, and mysterious patterns appeared on its goat-like horns.

(End of Chapter)


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Lord of Mysteries: My Identities Echoes Across Time Chapter 110 - Chapter 111: Trouble Comes Unexpectedly (2024)
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