Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (2024)

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I hate it when people say that turning 40 (or any other age) sucks or blows. My thinking is that if we don’t get older, WE’RE DEAD!

A bouquet made of 40 scratch-off lottery tickets makes a great 40th birthday gift.

So I never regret turning a year older. Like fine wine, women just get better with age.

My boss Holley turned 40 this year so I wanted to put a positive spin to her new age. For her birthday gift, I made her a lottery ticket bouquet made of 40 $1 lottery tickets.

I added a gift tag that reads, “Some people say that turning 40 sucks. Here’s 40 chances that this year brings you good luck!”

I’m not a gambler. I’ve only bought lottery tickets just once before I made this gift. It was years ago when one of my co-workers asked me to buy her lottery tickets for her. She thought I must be a really lucky person after I won several raffle items at work.

This tells you how far removed I am from the lottery thing. I tried to pay for Holley’s 40 lottery tickets with my credit card. Probably you and everyone else on Earth know you can only pay for lottery tickets with cash. Duh! But somehow I missed the memo.

So even though I’m not a gambler, I would go CRAY CRAY if someone gave me lottery scratch-offs! The act of vigorously scratching the cards while thoughts of winning big money run though your head. It’s a great feeling, right?

It’s easy to make an eye-popping 40th birthday lottery ticket bouquet. All you need are these items:

  • 40 lottery tickets
  • container or pot
  • wooden skewers or straight floral wireLottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (3)
  • styrofoam blockLottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (4)
  • lottery tickets
  • tape
  • foil shreds, moss or something else to cover up the styrofoam
  • Gift tag with message

Place your styrofoam block inside your container. Tape your lottery tickets to the skewers or floral wire. Arrange the tickets in a floral-like arrangement by varying the height and fanning them out as you push the skewers or floral wire into the styrofoam block. Tape the tag to the front of your container. Wala! There you have it!

Another version to this gift idea is the Lottery Ticket Wedding Anniversary Bouquet.

Forty is better than 30. I have a better understanding of who I am, what makes me tick, what’s okay and not okay. – Brooke Burke

Which are you more like – 40 sucks or 40 is the new 30? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (5)

Princess Diana

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    • Princess Diana

      Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (11)

      Thanks Lisa! It’s a gift sure to please!


  1. Leandro Lima

    Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (12)

    What a beautiful idea, it was really beautiful.


  2. Leandro Lima

    Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (13)

    It’s a nice list, but it would add some investment as well.


  3. Jawad Yousaf

    Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (14)

    Princess Diana, I hope you are good. Planning a near birthday is an exciting thing ever. New birthday nights with lotteries tickets are a great thing when we are at new location. Your post has given me some new ideas and I would try using and taking advantages of them in new year 2019.


  4. Andrew Schimmit

    Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (16)

    I loved the idea, creative and simple


  5. Gisele Rosendo

    Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (17)

    To dream is important, to have the ambition to conquer, but it is clear that this is not enough is necessary to risk. You may think that this is not for you, but why think so? Of course in the case of the lottery it is not enough to simply play, it is necessary to study something that I say a lot here in Brazil in my site. Playing in lottery does not only depend on luck, of course, everything in life has its percentage of luck, but in the case of the lottery you can greatly decrease the percentage of luck, meaning nothing needs 100% luck.


  6. Sara Haas

    Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (20)

    Dude, your sh*t look like a scam. Ugh oh ‍♀️


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Lottery Ticket Bouquet | 40th Birthday Gift (2024)
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