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Chemical Part 4 (or Out of Curiosity and Big Customer) is an early Tarkov quest with multiple paths and different rewards that make it difficult to determine the best choice. With this permanent decision and regular Tarkov game changes it can be tough for both new and veteran players to determine who to give the marked chemical transport vehicle information.

I recommend Therapist when completing this quest based on the gameplay value of the injector case although there are some considerations that make Skier a viable alternative for new or Standard Edition players. These factors include your Tarkov experience level, game edition and personal preferences that are explored below with the rewards, reputation impacts and overall quest value to help you make the who to turn into decision for your own circ*mstances.

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Chemical Part 4 Rewards
Chemical Part 4 Best Choice

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Chemical Part 4 Rewards

After completing Chemical Part 3 players will unlock three quests that are each asking for information on a chemical transport vehicle located on Customs, Chemical Part 4 (Skier), Out of Curiosity (Therapist) and Big Customer (Prapor). By marking this location with one of the MS2000 Markers and extracting from a Customs raid players can select who to give this information with each having different rewards and consequences.

After selecting one trader the other quests will automatically be failed and players will receive quests to regain the full trader reputation lost (0.25) for the two traders that you did not select known as Loyalty Buyout (Skier), Trust Regain (Therapist) and No Offence (Prapor). The outcomes for each option are:

Quest RewardSkier ChoiceTherapist ChoicePrapor Choice
Trader Reputation ++0.04 Skier+0.04 Therapist+0.03 Prapor
Trader Reputation –-0.25 Therapist
-0.25 Prapor
-0.25 Skier
-0.25 Prapor
-0.25 Skier
-0.25 Therapist
Base Roubles35,000170,000200,000
Equipment1x Grenade Case
Unlocks Zsh-1-2M helmet (black) purchase from Ragman Level 3
1x Injector Case1x 6B2 Flora Armour
2x Ammo Case
UnlocksTrust Regain (Therapist)
Big Customer (Prapor)
Loyalty Buyout (Skier)
No offence (Prapor)
Loyalty Buyout (Skier)
Trust Regain (Therapist)

The quests to regain reputation are as follows:

  • Loyalty Buyout (Skier) requires 1 million Roubles for 0.25 Skier reputation.
  • Trust Regain (Therapist) requires 4 common keys (Dorm Room 303, ZB-014, Military Checkpoint Key and Gas Station Storage Room) for 0.25 Therapist reputation.
  • No Offence (Prapor) requires 10 M67 grenades for 0.25 Prapor reputation.

Chemical Part 4 Best Choice

I recommend most players select Therapist when completing Chemical part 4 as the value of the injector case for combat, survival and money making is significant for the experienced Tarkov player. Newer players to Tarkov and in particular Standard Edition players may prefer Skier though as this limits reputation loss from Skier as he has the most expensive quest to regain the lost reputation. Prapor can also be tempting at first glance for Standard Edition players due to the double Ammunition Cases to save on stash space but these will be readily available with some further quest progression and needing to store significant amounts of ammo is not necessary until higher PMC levels.

In my experience the two deciding factors for your personal decision will be the trader reputation loss, equipment gained and Roubles impact as follows:

  • Trader Reputation Loss: Skier is one of the hardest traders to acquire reputation in the early game as he has limited quests available which are also some of the toughest for inexperienced players as they require PvP. If you’re on a Standard Edition account that starts with lower initial trader reputation the ability to preserve your Skier reputation can be useful as you won’t need to grind the Roubles, daily or weekly quests to regain it. The quests to regain reputation from Therapist and Prapor are significantly easier to complete and will cost you dramatically less than the 1 million Roubles for Skier’s reputation regain quest (Loyalty Buyout). For an experienced Tarkov player though the 1 million Roubles can often be a drop in the ocean to recover the Skier reputation. For experienced players that are comfortable with early Skier quests, can farm Roubles relatively easy or have a higher tier account like Edge of Darkness the Skier reputation loss is unlikely to be a deciding factor.
  • Equipment: The value of an injector case from Therapist is significant as it has become a staple of combat as it allows players to bring multiple stimulants into a raid that provides immense value and flexibility. Whether it is helping you win a fight, sprint across the map faster or carry out additional loot the flexibility the injector case provides to experienced players is incredible. This case also doubles as a way to make money as players can place any stimulants (commonly Morphine) during raid in their secure container for free money even if they fail to extract. While the Skier quest is the only way to unlock the Zsh-1-2M helmet (black) from Ragman which is sold for a cheaper price than the tan variant and provides a reasonable helmet and face shield combination it is not a critical helmet to your account.
  • Roubles: Some players may prefer to maximise Roubles gained from this quest choice to help boost their early game EFT progression as it reduces the need to farm Roubles with your PMC or Scav although experienced players are likely to do this passively from their higher survival rates. Roubles gained from your choice comes from both the ability to sell the quest rewards or save Roubles through your decision. Generally players will earn the most raw Roubles from choosing Skier as this not only saves 1 million Roubles on the reputation quest but the Grenade Case sells reasonably well. If you opt to ignore the reputation quest entirely though Therapist or Prapor may have a greater Rouble gain based on the current value of items in Escape From Tarkov which you will need to check at the time you complete the quest as these fluctuate regularly.

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Tarkov Chemical Part 4 Best Choice: Who To Give / Turn Into - Games Finder (2024)
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