Zanna Roberts Rassi Demonstrates How to Perfect the Green Eye Trend | Drew's News (2023)


Milk Makeup co-founder Zanna Roberts Rassi is back behind the desk to go over the best in beauty news with Drew and Ross Mathews, like how to nail the latest beauty trend, and the scrub that'll give you the softest skin!

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Zanna Roberts Rassi Demonstrates How to Perfect the Green Eye Trend | Drew's News


This is beauty week and we're gonna kick off the latest eye.

Shadows sprouting up everywhere.

Beauty crew reports that green is the new color on everyone's lids, here's, issa, rae, lucy, hale and zendaya, rocking emerald eyes now zanna for people who want to go green, give us some tips some pro tips on how to approach it whether you're going to go minimalist or maximalist.

I think minimalist is the way forward this.

A little goes, an awfully long way.

I love the idea of just a liner right.

And so even instead of a black eyeliner, choose a green.

I love.

These ones we have here.

We have a plethora of green in front of us.

So this flower beauty, great green, eyeliner.

You can pop it on the top lid, just in the water line, maybe alone not even on the top.

One is a really good.

Look, kick it out to the side, a graphic floating eye.

If you want, you don't have to do a full on shadow and also it's good rule of thumb when you're picking, which green you want to wear as well.

Wow, if you have like a cool, skin tone, it's good to wear one of the cooler greens, which would be apple colored lime colored mint colored.

If you have a warmer skin tone, these ones are great like the olives they're more foresty greens.

I love that you say, cool, skin color for just plain pale right? I mean, I'm a white walker here in the city with with no sun.

What is this santa just easy easy on the go color chalk.

So just one swipe you're on the go.

It saves on the tools, the brushes it's, just a very easy one, pop it in the plastic there.

This is very comfortable cute.

Okay, I'm in love all right.

Zanna your story.

Next okay.

So next there's, a brand new serum and it's, not for your face, but it's for your arms birdy reports.

You beauty's sculpt arm compound claims to not only tighten and refresh your skin, but also contour your arms same white.

Yes, it'll basically, make you look fit.

Can I have some of it? Oh my gosh.

So it consists of probiotics, retinol, antioxidants and glutathione.

So, but the main ingredient is this marine extract, which is the key ingredient that recreates the signal sent to your muscles during a workout.

So it basically makes them tighten and contract to look more defined.

Look at this thing.

Look at this face guys, do you think you're, ready for some super space? Age arm, serum, yeah, give it hit me.

Um is there like a vat? I could see myself like, could I just be dip the whole body in and then out? Well, because when you've lost a little weight or you go up and down like I do right your skin really pays a price.

So this could really tone it me up.

It could really tone you up.

It basically contains these give me give me so it's gonna like a serum it acts and tightens and tauts the skin.

So you basically can see the muscle definition, a bit more, um, it smells amazing.

It feels amazing we're gonna fight over this one, drew guess what rossi we're gonna both get to the bed all right? I'm obsessed.

This is fun who knew I'd have this much fun on beauty week as a natural beauty, all right next it's time to dig into the tick, tock bucket shave reports of the latest skincare scrubber.

All over tik tok is the hashtag exfoliating glove.

People say, these rough gloves, if used two to three times a week in the shower will leave you feeling soft as the day you were born drew because apparently we're all loaded with a bunch of dead skin cells, just waiting to be scraped off, uh, which is kind of gross to think about, but it makes sense I'm doing it on my arm and I'm seeing like dead skin fly off I'm.

Not kidding.

Uh-Huh, I really am.


So here's.

What I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do this first get out of the shower towel off and then use that serum? Oh, my gosh, because by taking that dead skin off, you are making your skin so much more prime and ready to reap all the benefits of anything you pop on.

It, moisturizers, serums, etc, you're.

So right, drew all right? Zanna, it's your story.

Okay, next we've got some beauty.

Green news, more green news, pop sugar reports more beauty.

Brands are making use of food waste to create up-cycle products.

It's a huge trend.

Products have been repurposed for ground from ground, coffees discarded.

Apricot stones, leftover arrogant shells and they're key ingredients.

Now in skincare, and these foods have amazing benefits, for example, coffee's been shown to brighten the skin and help reduce inflammation that's.

Right? I'd love to see all these natural ingredients, not going to waste well for me.

This feels like skin, composting, yes, right? Can we just climb that right here? Right done I'm so into this.

I think what I want to do is like compost stuff for the skin and then get a mortar and pestle and like make my own concoction, or I could just go to whole foods and buy some.

Oh, you know where you could go.

So apparently the body shop are taking they're calling it the wonky banana collection, the wonky banana that was my frat name.

Oh sorry, I'm gonna put that nickname and I'm gonna make just change yours just comes out I'm.


I love it.

So the body shop are basically taking buying up all the wonky bananas that look bad, but I still have packed with nutrients and then putting them into skincare ingredients and with carrots as well.

Oh that's.


I love this.

I love that it's skin composting.

I it's that's, the new hashtag drew you did it hashtag skin, composting I'm so into this.

And finally, we are celebrating beauty week all week long.

But we cannot let a beauty pro go like my sister in beauty, xana without an expert, pick zanna.

I want you to share one product that you're obsessed with right now.

I'm, certainly hoping it's from the milk makeup line.

Well, funnily enough it absolutely is.


So this is sunshine.

Skin tint and it's.

A three in one I'm obsessed with it because it's the multi-tasking mess-free makeup that I personally am obsessed with right now.

So it's, a three in one it's, basically, a skin tint it's, got hydrating oils and it's also got an spf 30 in it.

So very simply you can pump.


This packaging.

Salmon you get the six little balls here, which is enough for one dosage of one face.

So you don't have to put too much or too little on your face pump roll blend super easily to blend and then go.

Oh zanna.

This is brilliant I have to talk also about the coverage, holy cow.

This coverage is incredible dewy, uh, well, pigmented absolutely covering everything on my hand.

Look at this my hand, went from like scaly and veiny and discolored, but it's got a really nice dewy finish that doesn't also move around everywhere.

No slip.

Congratulations, this really is a star product coming from you who knows so much about packaging the industry and how much it takes to pull together a great product from component to formulation.

That means the world, the formulation as well as the packaging is impeccable.


Who is Zanna Roberts Rassi married to? ›

Personal life. Rassi lives in New York City with her husband Mazdack Rassi, and together they have twin girls Rumi and Juno.

Where was Zanna Roberts Rassi born? ›

How old is Zanna Roberts? ›

Who is Zana from Project Runway? ›

Zanna Roberts Rassi is a New York-based, award-winning fashion and beauty journalist, stylist, television host, and co-founder of Milk Makeup. She is currently the Fashion-Editor-at-Large for Marie Claire, E! News fashion correspondent, NBC Today Show fashion contributor, and Target Stylist.

How many kids does Nadine El Rassi have? ›

Nadine Al Rassi
Years active1999–present
SpousesHatem Hadshiti ​ ​ ( m. 1996; div. 1998)​ Gescard Abi Nader ​ ​ ( m. 2001; div. 2016)​ Raja Nasser El-Deen ​ ​ ( m. 2017; div. 2018)​
RelativesGeorges Al Rassi (brother)
4 more rows

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