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Newton, IA

1117 Hazel St, Pella, Iowa, 50219-1338, United States of America


We are looking for a self-motivated, organized individual who is passionate about patient care and excited for the opportunity to independently manage their cases with confidence and accountability. As a Peritoneal Dialysis Registered Nurse (PD RN), you will be providing education on peritoneal dialysis to your patients and their care partners in a clinical setting, which then allows them to dialyze from home.

You have responsibility over the complete ongoing care of each patient to ensure their treatment stays on track.

Dialysis Experience is NOT required. Nephrology nursing provides a fresh lens and set of skills to those newly entering the field.

What you can expect:

  • Provide comprehensive patient care in an independent setting.
    • Apply your "core" nursing skills to assess, diagnose and implement complete care plans as you look at the whole patient. As a case manager, you will also track and organize your patients. With the pride of ownership comes the joy of witnessing how your care impacts patients' lives.
  • Empower your patients by teaching them to administer their own dialysis and to take their health back into their own hands.
    • Training patients takes time and mental energy and the rewards of that investment come in seeing the transformation of your patients from feeling sick and afraid, to strong, independent, and able to do the daily things that they love. Educating patients on their options when it comes to dialysis not only helps them own their journey, but also expands the program to people who will benefit greatly from PD.
    • Home RN partners to provide ongoing dialysis treatment education activities supporting the healthy growth of the home program. This includes educating new in-center hemodialysis patients in the clinics.
  • Lead, coach and guide with your nursing skills.
    • You will work independently, while also building deep relationships with patients, support systems and care partners.


  • Typically, an 8-hour day, Monday through Friday with weekends and holidays off!
  • Flexibility as you manage your own cases and as a result, own your own schedule.
  • Scheduled home visits and on-call shifts vary by program and are compensated accordingly.

What we'll provide:

  • Clear and competitive career growth for a lifetime nursing career.
  • If you are new to dialysis, we'll provide a 9-12 week paid-training and the support to guide you through to becoming a nephrology nurse.
  • Annual $3,000 tuition reimbursem*nt and potential $25,000 scholarship opportunity. CNN, CDN, and CPDN certification reimbursem*nt. 100+ CEU courses at no-cost.
  • Comprehensive benefits package: including medical, dental, vision, 401k match, family resources, pet insurance, mental health resources, back-up child and elder care and so much more.
  • Our culture is filled with compassion, care and the desire to help our patients, our teammates and their families live their best life.


  • Current Registered Nurse (RN) license in the state of practice
  • Minimum of 12 months of RN experience
  • Current driver's license, reliable transportation, and vehicle insurance in state of residence
  • Associates Degree in Nursing (A.D.N) from accredited school of nursing required; Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N); three-year diploma from accredited diploma program may be substituted for nursing degree
  • Basic computer skills and proficiency in MS Word and Outlook

You might also have (a.k.a. nice-to-haves):

  • Previous Chronic Hemodialysis, Acute Dialysis, Home Hemodialysis (HHD) or Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) nursing experience
  • Training/Teaching/Healthcare Education background
  • Previous case management experience
  • Familiarity with, or excitement to learn about telehealth technologies
  • Certified Nephrology Nurse (CNN), Certified Dialysis Nurse (CDN), Certified Peritoneal Dialysis Nurse (CPDN)

Ready to make a difference in the lives of patients? Take the first step at

Nurses: if this isn't the job for you, perhaps you have a friend who would be a perfect fit. Send them this job link.

4021 Stirrup Creek Drive Suite #400, Durham, North Carolina, 27703-9352, United States of America

DaVita is an equal opportunity employer - Vet and Disability.


What We'll Provide:

More than just pay, our DaVita Rewards package connects teammates to what matters most including:

  • Comprehensive benefits: Medical, dental, vision, 401(k) match, paid time off, PTO cash out
  • Support for you and your family: family resources, EAP counseling sessions, access Headspace®, backup child and elder care, maternity/paternity leave and more
  • Paid training: DaVita offers all new dialysis teammates a robust, paid training program to help you learn the right dialysis skills. The training is a mix of classroom and hands on training.
  • Opportunity for a nursing career for a lifetime. DaVita is committed to providing robust development and experiences for nurses. Whether you chose to remain in a patient facing/caregiving role or grow (leadership operations, corporate functions, integrated care, clinical research), we can guide you on that journey. We offer programs such as:
    • THRIVE: Develops high-potential nurses, clinical coordinators and clinic nurse managers into operational managers
    • DSSL & SPARK - Gives clinical teammates the chance to develop their supervisory and leadership skill set
    • 100+ CEU courses at no cost
    • Gateway: A web-based application available to teammates for career planning, learning and training, and recognition. It allows you to access new courses and CE credits and explore career paths on your own time. It also has a newsfeed to keep you up to date on Village news and functions as a social platform to connect you to teammates


At DaVita, we strive to be a community first and a company second. We want all teammates to experience DaVita as "a place where I belong." Our goal is to embed Diversity & Belonging into everything we do in our Village, so that it becomes part of who we are. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and an affirmative action employer. As such, individuals are recruited, hired, assigned and promoted without regard to race, national origin, religion, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status, or any other protected characteristic.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Salary/ Wage Range

Compensation for the role will depend on a number of factors, including a candidate's qualifications, skills, competencies and experience and may fall outside of the range shown. DaVita offers a competitive total rewards package, which includes a 401k match, healthcare coverage and a broad range of other benefits. Learn more at

Client-provided location(s):

Pella, IA 50219, USA

Job ID:

Employment Type:

Full Time

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Registered Nurse at DaVita | The Muse (2024)


Why do you want to work for DaVita? ›

I am interested in working at because it is a company that values excellence, innovation, and compassion in providing healthcare services. I am drawn to the company's mission of improving the quality of life for patients and their families, and I believe my skills and experience align well with this goal.

Is a dialysis RN job stressful? ›

Stress is a well known and identified problem within the nursing profession. Dialysis nurses are exposed to high level of stress.

Is a dialysis nurse hard? ›

Especially for those working in acute care, dialysis nurses may work long hours. Like in many healthcare roles, dialysis nurses may face burnout—especially when dealing with the emotional exhaustion of working with very sick patients.

How to pass a DaVita interview? ›

Be ready to discuss your experience and skills, and why you're interested in working at DaVita. For clinical jobs, you might be asked to visit a local clinic for a job preview, where you'll see a realistic representation of what your job could potentially look like each day.

What is the DaVita assessment like? ›

After you apply online for your desired position, you will most likely get invited to take one or more of the Davita tests, which includes personality and situational judgment questions. These questions can be tricky and challenging, as it is not always clear what is the correct answer for each question.

Does DaVita provide Scrubs? ›

2 answers. Many colors, they provide 3 set of scrubs per year, could be, gree, blue, pink, yellow, orange. Yes if you work in the clinics you are alloted 3 sets of scrubs a year you also have the option to buy them thru payroll.

What is the role of the nurse in the dialysis unit? ›

A dialysis nurse is responsible for monitoring their patients during dialysis in order to report any changes to the rest of the medical team. While they typically work with dialysis patients, they can also work with patients having any kidney-related health issues.

Do dialysis nurses make a lot of money? ›

Dialysis nurses in California earn an average of $110,863 per year (or $53.30 per hour).

How long is a dialysis nurse shift? ›

Schedule: Shifts can begin as early as 5am and closing shifts can end as late is 7pm. Shifts are scheduled well in advance and are 8-12 hours in length. Typically, our teammates work 3-4 days per week and are expected to work rotated Saturdays.

What is the difference between a dialysis nurse and a dialysis technician? ›

Dialysis technicians are generally supervised by dialysis nurses. Becoming a dialysis tech does require some education, but typically less than becoming a dialysis nurse. Dialysis techs usually must complete a dialysis tech program to receive a degree or certification.

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